ALL NEW 50 Bosses, Mythic Weapons, Exotic Items, Keycard Vault & NPC Locations in Fortnite Season 6


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    ALL NEW 50 Bosses, Mythic Weapons, Exotic Items, Keycard Vault & NPC Locations in Fortnite Season 6, In this video I have shown all the Locations of the New Bosses, Mythic Items, Mythic Weapons & Exotic Items in the New Update of Fortnite. There are a total of 50 Bosses in this New Season of Fortnite such as the Bandolette, Spire, Gutbomb, Big Chuggus, Blaze, Tess, Bunker Jonesy, Burnout, Bushranger, Cole, Deadfire, Dummy, Farmer Steel, Kyle, Storm Sniper, Ragnarok, Remedy, Splode, The Reaper, Crustina, Triggerfish, Cluck, Turk, Rebirth Raven, Tarana, Raz, Lara Croft, Shade, Jules, Rex, Cabbie, Wreck Raider, Sun Tan Specialist, Castaway Jonesy, Slurp Jonesy, Grill Sergeant, Jonesy The First, Sash Sergeant, Raptor, Blackheart
    , Good Doctor, Power Chord, Stage Slayer, Willow, Cobb, Zenith and the Spire Guards.
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    NEW Season 6 ALL BOSSES, MYTHIC WEAPONS, KEYCARD VAULT LOCATIONS! (Spire, Lara Croft, Raz, Tarana) :
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